Rapid drug tests provide many benefits to both employers and testing facilities:
• Results within minutes
• Excellent for non-mandated programs such as schools, court monitoring and non-regulated testing programs
• Test procedure simple and quick
• Less expensive than traditional lab testing yet with extremely accurate results
• Genuine split specimen cups available allowing 2 ml of urine to be released into the test chamber while the remaining urine is untouched for confirmation testing. Cups are simply sealed and sent to laboratory when resulting in a non-negative for confirmation.
• Cups eliminate collector contact with urine because of the integrated test panel
• Hundreds of test configurations are available from 1-14 panel combinations
• Adulteration strip available on many products or as a strip itself
• Long shelf life 
• Nicotine and custom configurations available

Safety Sense is an authorized distributor for on-site rapid drug testing devices and supplies. Our ever growing list includes CLIA waived devices, genuine NOBLE Split Specimen all-inclusive design cups, FDA approved cups, dip cards, blue tablets and much more. Whether you are a small or large company-we provide competitive pricing with the intent of beating your existing price.  Other services offered include training programs for both DOT Collector and Collector Trainers, with a five year certificate and online training course included.  New to the business?  We can help you get set up with laboratory services too! Call to inquire about training, products or how you can become a distributor for our product line!

Blueing tablets are conveniently packaged and less messy than traditional squirt bottles.

Rapid Drug Tests and Drug Testing Supplies

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