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Safety Sense is an authorized distributor for professional screening devices widely used in Law Enforcement worldwide. The Lifeloc FC Series is proudly represented because of their outstanding precision and accuracy. The exceptionally easy to navigate system together with a LIFETIME fuel cell warranty make this unit a best seller worldwide. NO special tools. NO power source required.  NO codes to look up. Results in seconds. Up to 4000 test memory. PERFECT CHOICE!​


The DMS kit marks a significant step forward in breath alcohol testing with its ease of use, fast, reliable results and superior accuracy. It combines the power of the FC20BT portable breath alcohol tester, Bluetooth enabled thermal printer, Thermalast paper and compact wireless keyboard providing hassle free recording and storing of your subject’s alcohol testing data. The Data Management System is perfect if you need to register a unique subject ID and/or location or batch, or user ID. The Bluetooth keyboard allows for wireless and easy toggling between menus and simple execution of commands. Portable and easy to use, Lifeloc’s FC20BT DMS kit is the only alcohol testing system you’ll ever need.
Kit includes: FC20BT breath alcohol tester, wireless keyboard, wireless thermal printer, Thermalast thermal paper, protective rubber grip (yellow), printer charger, 4 AA batteries, 10 EasyTab™ mouthpieces, wrist strap, user manual, training CD, 1 year warranty and rugged carrying case.  DOT/NHTSA tested and approved PBT for screening.


The FC20 Alcohol Testing Kit pairs the best in class Lifeloc FC20BT portable breath alcohol tester with the convenience of a thermal printer allowing you to manage and record your breath test and calibration data. With every printer, you receive a roll of Lifeloc Thermalast paper providing high contrast printing with up to 20 year image life. Conveniently in its own rugged carrying case, the FC20 Kit provides true portability for testing.

Kit includes: FC20 breath alcohol tester, thermal printer, Thermalast thermal paper, printer charger, protective rubber grip (yellow), 4 AA batteries, 10 EasyTab™ mouthpieces, wrist strap, user manual, training CD, 1 year warranty and rugged carrying case.


All the features of the FC10 plus onboard memory and printing capability. Multiple user-friendly, programmable features allow users to set up their unit to fit their application. Software options allow this unit to operate as a computer peripheral. Sold as a kit or stand-alone unit.  Kit configurations can include any or all of the following: portable printer, Bluetooth capability, carrying case, dry gas kit for calibrations. DOT/NHTSA tested and approved PBT for screening.

FC10 And 10PLUS

DOT/NHTSA tested and approved PBT for screening. Designed for law enforcement, corrections, work-release, school programs. Remarkably easy with instant response for volume testing applications such as check points. The FC10Plus even includes a passive testing mode to detect the presence of alcohol without a mouthpiece.  For example, use it above a drink, on students before school dances, in a car or locker and more.

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