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LifeGuard Breathalyzer

Lifeloc breath alcohol testers are trusted nationwide by school administrators, school resource officers, nursing homes, corrections, courts and even for personal use.  Widely used at school events such as proms, dances and Sporting Events, these breathalyzers make it fast, easy and cost effective to test students and open beverage containers for alcohol in any situation. 

There is no more accurate personal alcohol tester available than the LifeGuard. Wherever and whenever there is the need for personal breath alcohol content (BAC) measurement, LifeGuard is the one to trust because of its precision fuel cell technology, ease of use and reliability. It is THE consumer breathalyzer that stands above all others in personal use and in testing those you care about.

The LifeGuard comes complete with a permanent (fold-away) mouthpiece, 10 disposable (slip-on) mouthpieces, 9V battery, wrist strap, nylon carry pouch, operations manual, and one year warranty

Advanced Features for Serious Users
• Simple two button operation
• Precise 3 digit BAC readout
• Platinum Fuel Cell for accuracy and reliability
• Last test result recall
• Law enforcement grade accuracy
• Long battery life (9volt size)
• Fast warm-up, test time and recovery time
• 64 X 128 character LCD
• Tough ABS plastic casing
• American designed and manufactured
• FDA 510(k) Cleared

FC5 Hornet Passive Breathalyzer

The economical FC5 Hornet from Lifeloc Technologies is a new generation of passive alcohol sensor. The FC5 is alcohol specific and uses the same platinum fuel cell sensor technology used in all Lifeloc law enforcement breathalyzers. The FC5 can be used to detect alcohol vapor in subjects, open containers and even the ambient environment. It is simple to learn, operate and read as it displays large and easy to interpret icons. No mouthpieces or special attachments are required. 

• 3 testing modes for easy passive testing
• LCD screen with full prompts and visual alerts
• Icon driven software that easily guides users through testing process
• Audible alerts
• Rapid and repeatable testing
• Constant battery indicator while device is on
• No mouthpieces required